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"I've been using "super glue" for about forty years now starting with Eastman 910, and the Gear Up products are the best yet for sticking stuff together, repairing bits and pieces, and fixing finishes."

Rick Turner, Legendary Luthier, Turner Renaissance Guitars

"Gear Up has really made a stellar product that goes on clear as water, and dries hard as a rock. I would recommend it to any luthier or guitar tech. Killer stuff."

Pat Campolattano, Guitar Designer/Builder, Yamaha Artist Services

"GluBoost is the best accelerator I have ever used - it doesn't distort the glue, it just works better and gives you a better result."

Scott Holyfield, Glaser Instruments Nashville

"GluBoost is a great product. It makes superglue a better product After having it in the shop for a month it is almost as indispensable as super glue!"

Michael Tobias, president and lead designer, MTD (Michael Tobias Design LLC)

"We at Wilkins Guitar Finishes use Gear Up Products for many different applications. The Master Glu Thin and Ultra Thin are our go-to glues when the finish detail has to be perfect. The Fill n' Finish is #1 for gap filling and touch ups when needed. The GluBoost is the best product I've ever seen for setting and hardening all of the Gear Up Products that we use. Thank you guys for creating a wonderfully useable product."

Pat Wilkins, Wilkins Guitars

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