Gear Up Products continues to develop a series of unique and innovative instrument build, repair and maintenance products including CA adhesives and glue accompaniments for professionals. Specifically designed for the music instrument repair and build industry, Gear Up Products are exceptional products for everyday use offering ease of use, cost savings and advanced results.

The ideal finisher for vanquishing dings and dents, while leaving a completely resilient, remarkably flexible and always outstanding finish every time!

A Glue Dry Accelerator that greatly and reliably accelerates the drying of CA glues, and eliminates the problems of bubbling, pitting, foaming, and hazing that are common with this type of work.


MasterGlu CA adhesives are luthier-tested, purer, safer (carcinogen-free), fresher, and "surface insensitive," so they will work on all woods and substrates, while being stronger than any involved substrate.

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