"There isn’t anything at all that I don’t like about MasterGlu and Fill n’ Finish! GluBoost especially is just the coolest - it’s the best accelerator I have ever used. It doesn’t distort the glue, and it just works better - it gives you a better result as far as the texture of the glue goes and the work that comes after it - if you accelerate glue with the usual stuff you’ll have to sand and sand and sand to smooth it out. With this you don’t and that’s awesome."

Scott Holyfield, Master Repair Tech, Glaser Instruments Nashville

"We love Gear Up's cyanoacrylate products. Their stuff is definitely the best out there."

Paul Janowski, Director of Operations, Blackbird Guitars

"Gear Up Products are awesome. I’m using MasterGlu exclusively for all inlay work."

John Gaudesi, Director of R&D and Master Builder, Schecter USA Custom Shop

"We at Wilkins Guitar Finishes use Gear Up Products for many different applications. The MasterGlu and UltraThin are our go-to glues when the finish details have to be perfect. The Fill n' Finish is #1 for gap filling and touch ups when needed. The GluBoost is the best product I've ever seen for setting and hardening all of the Gear Up products that we use. Thank you guys for creating a wonderfully usable product."

Pat Wilkins, Wilkins Guitars

"I've been using "super glue" for about forty years now starting with Eastman 910, and the Gear Up products are the best yet for sticking stuff together, repairing bits and pieces, and fixing finishes."

Rick Turner, Legendary Luthier, Turner Renaissance Guitars

Gear Up Products continues to develop a series of unique and innovative instrument build, repair and maintenance products including CA adhesives and glue accompaniments for professionals. Specifically designed for the music instrument repair and build industry, Gear Up Products are exceptional products for everyday use offering ease of use, cost savings and advanced results.

The ideal finisher for vanquishing dings and dents, while leaving a completely resilient, remarkably flexible and always outstanding finish every time!

A Glue Dry Accelerator that greatly and reliably accelerates the drying of CA glues, and eliminates the problems of bubbling, pitting, foaming, and hazing that are common with this type of work.


MasterGlu CA adhesives are luthier-tested, purer, safer (carcinogen-free), fresher, and "surface insensitive," so they will work on all woods and substrates, while being stronger than any involved substrate.

Sales/Technical Info Contact: Rick Rosenberg 201-887-8375

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