Gluboost - GluDry

No bubbling, pitting, hazing or yellowing -- ever! Cures clear and fast -- every time -- with far less dust and sanding. Experience the GluBoost best-in-class difference.

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Neck Refret Fingerboard Touchup

Poly Repair Video

MasterTint – Color Additives

Patent Pending

This revolutionary new product brings users complete, spot-on color control for repairs and restorations. Available in three collections – Vintage, Modern, Black and White -MasterTint makes color matching fast, easy and accurate. Works with all GluBoost products, dissolves right in with no solvent needed. Each kit comes complete with 3 Dispensing Spatulas, 1 Non-Stick Mixing Palette and Color Storage Container!

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Perfect Matching With MasterTint

MasterTint Overview

What Are These MasterTint Kits

Fill n' Finish Pro Formulas

Flexible, Water Clear, and Non Creeping Wood Finish and Ding Repair Products with Zero to Minimal Witness Lines!

Finally, a perfect water clear finish for all types of woodwork! Our Fill n’ Finish wood-finishing formulas are flexible, resilient and guaranteed fresh. With zero to minimal witness lines every time these game changing products are ideal for all types of wood builds, repairs, top coating, inlay work and marquetry, Fill n’ Finish and Fill n’ Finish Thin reliably fill gaps and vanquish cracks, dings and dents. They are perfect for quick repairs and restorations and are carcinogen free!

Fill n' Finish Pro Formula is specifically formulated for use on more porous woods, such as rosewood, spruce, cedar and mahogany. When you’re working with less porous woods like ebony, maple, some rosewoods and Koa, you need Fill n' Finish Pro Formula Thin, a thinner finishing product that will penetrate further for superior results every time.

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Poly Repair Video

Instrument Wood Finish

Neck Refinishing


Super Strong, Super Fresh, and Ultra Clear! MasterGlu adhesives make your builds and repairs unbeatable every single time! These are the safest, freshest, strongest and clearest CA adhesive products available, period! Carcinogen free!

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Nut Repair with MasterGlu and GluBoost

Gluing Purfling to Binding

Fret Repair with MasterGlu and GluBoost

EndPoint Mark + Mask System

Finally, perimeter controlled CA or finish application without run off! Our EndPoint Mark + Mask System creates spot on borderlines for a secure boundary and complete runoff control of adhesives and finishes! Designed specifically for use with MasterGlu adhesives and Fill n’ Finish formulas, GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System eliminates adhesive and finish run off forever!

Comes complete with 1 x long lasting roll - 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide, bright green, ultra high performance vinyl tape, and 1 x box of 3 specially formulated non-toxic yellow glue and finish resistant perimeter markers. Packed in a ”keep clean” metallic zip lock storage bag.

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UHP Vinyl Tape

Adhesive + Finish Resistant Perimeter Markers


GluBoost PinPoint + Extender Kit

Finally, you’ve got the ideal GluBoost GluDry accessory for effective Glu Dry application on normally hard to access repair and restore areas. These extender tubes and actuators are specifically designed for use with GluBoost Glu Dry Accelerator.

Perfect for inside acoustics and other guitars. Achieve pinpoint application accuracy on the sides for crack repairs and bottom areas for perfect brace repairs without wasting product trying to hit the right repair area.Bridge cracks and other bridge work. Simply focus the spray on the wood and not the finish around it! Application accuracy for re-gluing binding etc.

Contents: Each Pinpoint + Extender Kit comes with 2 x Red extender tubes and 2 x Black actuators for easy identification from our standard GluBoost actuator.

Mixing Palette and Dispensing Spatulas

Absolutely the best, easy to grab, non-stick mixing surface available! Period!!! Made of a unique material that CA's just won't stick to! Great for mixing MasterTint into our products! Made of quality, super durable material. Use as a color color-correct mixing background. Mixing Palettes are sold individually in resealable metallic zip lock bags.

These Dispensing Spatulas are ideal for ease and convenience while dispensing color. Available as 50 spatulas per pack in resealable metallic zip lock bags.

Extender Tips & Whip Tips

For finer control of your applications we offer Extender Tips. These Extender Tips are made to fit our bottles perfectly and are sold in resealable and easily identifiable metallic bags of 50 pcs.

For super fine control of your most demanding applications we offer pinpoint Whip Tips which fit our standard extender tips perfectly! Whip Tips are available in resealable and easily identifiable metallic bags of 110 pcs. each. (Must use Extender Tips first with Master Glu and Fill n’ Finish bottles in order to fit Whip Tips on after).

Formula to Container Freshness Guarantee!

We make it fresh often and store it chilled! GluBoost will guarantee optimum freshness and performance of our products only when bought directly on our site. All CA products are stored at optimal temperature in our warehouse chillers so you always get our Formula to Container freshness guarantee every single time!

* If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase of any GluBoost product within 30 days, simply call in for a Return Authorization Number and you can return the product for a full refund less shipping and handling.